SATURDAY, MAY 13, 2023 // 7-11 P.M.

Will you go to prom with us?

Have you ever wished you could get a do-over for certain major life events? Maybe it was such an amazing experience… you would absolutely love to relive it just one more time? Or maybe it wasn’t what you hoped for… and you’re a totally different person now who would approach that same scenario with a new mindset?

Prom Remodeled is your opportunity to re-live or re-do one of your pinnacle high school memories, but this time with an even greater purpose.

Experience the debut of what will be one of Detroit’s most iconic, must attend annual events with a superstar lineup of entertainment. Get your prom dresses and tuxedos ready to roll up in a limo and walk the red carpet. Enjoy a variety of strolling hors d’oeuvres and cocktails throughout Detroit’s formerly vacant Durfee Middle School building, now repurposed into the Durfee Innovation Society.

Maybe you’ll win best dressed, or possibly even become a Prom King or Queen? Most importantly, this is your opportunity to re-do prom with a purpose. By attending Prom Remodeled, you are partnering with Life Remodeled to ensure:

  • more Detroit students perform at or above grade level in math and reading
  • more families have access to essential health and wellness services
  • more community members obtain higher paying jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency

This is an invite-only event but sponsorships are still available. For more information, please contact Omari Taylor, Chief Development Officer, at or (313) 744-3052, ext. 1001.

Sponsorships now available!

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Prom Committee

Dennis Archer, Jr.
Suzanne & Dr. Jerry Antonelli
Lisa Applebaum
Rufus Bartell
Lisa & Sandy Baruah
Mary Ann & Bob Bury
Dwan Dandridge
Jeff Day
John Fikany
Wendy & Howard Handler

Scott Idle
RJ King
Andrea & Chris Lambert
Kamilia Landrum
David Paul Logan
Christina Lovio-George
Michael Maddin
Anthony McCree
Michelle & Fred Minturn
Nadia Nijimbere & Mamba Hamissi

Jacques Panis
Dave Provost
Randy & Craig Rubin
Ed Russell
Derron Sanders
Ann Marie Uetz & Charles Bullock
Anthony White
Dan Zwolak

Event Sponsors

Taste of Detroit Restaurant Sponsors


Should I come to the event hungry?

Yes! Unlike your traditional high school prom, you don’t need to take your date to a fancy dinner before the dance! We’ll have a variety of heavy hors’ d’oeuvres and hand-crafted cocktails from some of Detroit’s premier restaurants.

What’s the dress code?

Dress will be formal and/or creative black tie. We’re encouraging our guests to dress their decade, so look back at your photos from high school to get some inspiration for your tux or gown!

Will parking be available?

The Durfee Innovation Society has a large, secure parking lot, and valet parking will be offered the night of the event at no charge. We encourage you to really relive your prom experience and consider a limo or party bus for large groups!

Do I need to bring a ticket or printout to the event?

We will have a digital registration, so no need to bring anything with you as long as you have purchased your ticket in advance.

Will there be a coat check?

Yes, but let’s hope those spring showers don’t rain on our prom!