About Race Remodeled

Urban poverty and racism do not need to exist. In order to eradicate these forces and create a level playing field for all to succeed in our city, we must work together.

Race Remodeled exists to bring people of different backgrounds, ideologies, and races together to enter into discussions some may normally opt-out of. Race Remodeled is a program of Life Remodeled focused on influencing the regional racial narrative through lessons learned from our Detroit neighborhood revitalization work. By engaging in difficult and uncomfortable discussions in brave, honest and respectful ways, our hope is to create multi-sided transformation while sharing resources and power to help create a truly equitable future.

Why Life Remodeled?

When it comes to matters of neighborhood revitalization, we’ve found that if you invite two people who are polar opposites on issues of race, religion, or politics to sit down at a table, look each other in the eye, and work it out, nine times out of 10 it isn’t a productive conversation. However, if you invite those same two people to work shoulder-to-shoulder on a project they both agree on, something magical happens. They begin to respect and value one another, which is one of the main reasons why we mobilize 10,000 volunteers every year to beautify 4-square-miles of Detroit in only six days.

Because of our revitalization work that brings together BIPOC and white volunteers, we have a unique population of individuals who are eager to go deeper. Life Remodeled is uniquely qualified to facilitate these conversations because we:

  • Believe in sharing resources and power;
  • Model transparency to earn trust;
  • Engage in difficult and uncomfortable discussions in brave, honest and respectful ways;
  • Bring people to the discussion who would typically opt out; and
  • Embrace multi-sided transformation.
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About Dwan Dandridge

Dwan leads community engagement efforts for Life Remodeled and Race Remodeled. He started his own contracting company in 2011 with a partner, which helped him form meaningful connections with individuals in the city. Aside from his full-time job with Life Remodeled, Dwan has always had a passion for discussions on race and race dynamics within the city of Detroit. He co-led informal discussions with a group called “Facing Race” prior to launching a new nonprofit organization, Black Leaders Detroit, to provide access to funding and resources to black-led organizations and initiatives in Detroit.

Dwan’s lifelong dedication to the city of Detroit, his familiarity with and inclusion in the community, and his ability to gracefully navigate complicated racial dynamics and tensions throughout his time with Life Remodeled make him the ideal individual to lead Race Remodeled.

Event Schedule

Please check back on this page later for future event updates.

Past Programs

On February 2, 2020 we hosted a Super Bowl Party at Life Remodeled, which included a pre-game two-hour panel discussion featuring six individuals–half who believed kneeling during the National Anthem is an appropriate form of protest and half who did not.

With 160+ people in attendance (with a nearly even mix of BIPOC and white attendees), we had the opportunity to take a deep dive into the discussion which also included a lively question and answer session.

72% of attendees said that as a result of the discussion, they are better equipped to engage in conversations about race with people who have opposing views.

Since March 2020, we have hosted a series of candid conversations via Facebook Live where we have addressed a multitude of issues including the compounding racial inequity surrounding Covid-19 and uncovering racial biases in light of the current Black Lives Matter movement and reckoning our country is facing. With more than 28,000 combined views on 10 video sessions posted since March 24, it’s clear there is a need within our community for these transparent talks.

WWJD: Racism in the Church (Virtual)

A transparent and vulnerable virtual panel discussion about racism in the Church with three local Evangelical pastors.

Posted by Life Remodeled on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Woke in the Workplace?

A virtual panel discussion featuring business leaders who will discuss the challenges they face when trying to build diverse teams and strategies for creating a truly welcoming workplace and how plans can be implemented and upheld.

Posted by Life Remodeled on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Making America Great for Everyone

Making America Great for Everyone

Posted by Life Remodeled on Tuesday, June 2, 2020