10 Years of Life Remodeled: Geraldine’s Story

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Geraldine Lixey, a member of Oak Pointe Church, volunteered with Life Remodeled during the first few years of the Six Day Project, doing block beautification in Hazel Park, Farmington Hills, Redford, and Pontiac in 2012, Detroit’s North End in 2013, and Cody in 2014. She first heard about Life Remodeled when her church was searching for local volunteer projects, and Chris came and spoke to the congregation about Life Remodeled.


Geraldine expressed that what amazed her the most about the experience was the sense of community felt by everyone – volunteers and neighbors alike.


“One time, I was walking down the street to my next station, and people just started coming out of their houses and asking if they could join me. The way that everyone wants to and finds a way to help in their community was inspiring,” she said.



Geraldine’s church operated security during these projects, checking in on volunteer groups, driving people to and from work stations, and just overall making sure volunteers had a positive experience. She explained she was truly impressed with the “always find a way” attitude of volunteers…an attitude that is now a pillar of Life Remodeled’s mission.


“Not only did the neighbors impress me, but the employees who came and gave their time did as well. I remember being so busy working once that I forgot to stop and have lunch. Some Ford employees approached me and asked me to join them at their tent to eat. Everyone at this project looks out for each other and works hard. Nobody sits around twiddling their thumbs.”



Since 2014, Geraldine has taken a break from volunteering to allow the next generation to step in and have these life-changing experiences. However, she expressed that her time volunteering gave her many rewarding memories and she has never experienced anything quite like the Six Day Project with Life Remodeled.