There’s a lot of talk but not enough walk when it comes to revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods.

Life Remodeled believes Detroiters have all the talent they need, but many don’t have access to all the opportunities they deserve. Therefore, we repurpose properties into one stop hubs of opportunity for entire families to thrive. We fill these iconic buildings with the best and brightest nonprofit organizations who are providing youth programs, workforce development, and human services to tens of thousands of students and community members each year. We help our nonprofit tenants collaborate and create far greater life transformation together than was previously possible alone.

Together we ensure more:

〉 Detroit students perform at/above grade level in math and reading

〉 Families have access to essential health and wellness services

〉 Community members obtain higher-paying jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency


Opportunity Hubs

Life Remodeled volunteers having fun cleaning up the neighborhood

We repurpose vacant properties into one-stop hubs of opportunities for entire families to thrive by filling them with the best and brightest nonprofits.

Six Day Project

Life Remodeled volunteers having fun cleaning up the neighborhood

We mobilize thousands of volunteers in 6 days to beautify Detroit neighborhoods. Since 2014, Life Remodeled has invested $51 million, boarded up 2,062 houses, beautified 2,369 blocks and engaged 81,978 volunteers.

Next Level Nonprofit

We guide nonprofits to increase lasting impact and build dream teams.

Youth Programs

Life Remodeled volunteers having fun cleaning up the neighborhood

We create transformative experiences for youth in the areas of leadership development, academic achievement, and career exploration.


Community First

We prioritize the expertise, desires and needs of students and community residents in the neighborhoods where our projects are focused. Their ideas, hopes and dreams matter most. Bottom line, no matter how awesome anyone thinks Life Remodeled℠’s projects are, they mean absolutely nothing if they don’t align with the values and ambitions of children, youth and adults who make up the local community.

Always Find a Way

Our annual goals are always nearly out of reach. Unforeseen circumstances happen. Things change, and we are not only flexible, but we find better solutions than ever before. Every day we are innovating and creating a future that doesn’t yet exist. There is always a way, and our team is made of those who not only believe this, but they make it happen.

Bold Humility

If you’re only bold, you’re a jerk. If you’re only humble, you’re a doormat. Wielding the balance of these two powerful attributes is what drives Team Life Remodeled℠ to take the form of servant leaders who value the needs of others over our own with confidence and determination. We embrace our weaknesses and limitations, and we know we all have blind spots. Therefore, we are life-long learners who see every encounter and every challenge as opportunities to learn and grow as human beings.