Next Level Nonprofit Marketing Fellowship – FT

Next Level Nonprofit has tremendous potential to scale rapidly, both locally and nationally. Your role is to market our new book, Next Level Nonprofit, and our 1-Year Coaching program with a strong emphasis on social media outreach, targeted messaging via LinkedIn and email, and phone calls. Your target audience is executive leadership at nonprofits of all sizes, however, you will help us identify which niches within the nonprofit landscape are most likely early adopters of our system. Because of your marketing research and implementation, you will help establish an outreach foundation that will ensure Life Remodeled will achieve the following goal within 10 years: at least 2,000 nonprofit organizations will implement Next Level Nonprofit to achieve team unity and a compelling vision with the right strategy through disciplined execution.

Executive Assistant – FT

The Executive Administrative Assistant role is essential to our success! You’re the backbone of our mission through an administrative lens, ensuring the COO and CEO have what they need to seamlessly serve the needs of our external stakeholders and team members, and that they meet their internal commitments and goals. You anticipate the needs of others, looking ahead to prevent problems from arising. This position involves scheduling meetings, booking travel, managing communication at a high level, keeping track of expenses, and running side-by-side with the fast paces of our COO and CEO.

Hospitality and Events Coordinator – FT

The DIS Hospitality and Events Coordinator is the connector between our Durfee Innovation Society (DIS) guests, tenants, and opportunities. We are seeking a dynamic and experienced hospitality virtuoso who can lead our team and ensure that our guests and tenants receive above-and-beyond service and experiences. Service is about delivering a product or service. Hospitality, on the other hand, is the art of making guests feel welcome, comfortable, and valued. Hospitality involves creating a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment, anticipating guests’ needs and desires, and going above and beyond to make their experience enjoyable. You will understand the DIS resources inside and out and be able to connect with guests and customers in a way that understands what they’re looking for and matches them with exciting opportunities.