Historically, nonprofits have done a great job publicly recognizing and celebrating their largest financial donors. Company logos are easily visible on websites, brochures, and other marketing materials; however, while we all know financial support is imperative for impact, there are other individuals whose contributions to our missions are priceless.

There are many community members, students, and volunteers who may not have donated enough dollars to make our donor wall, but their impact is just as valuable. Therefore, through this campaign, we’re spotlighting 10 of the most inspirational individuals who have had an unmatched impact on the success of our Life Remodeled projects.


image of Andrea Meyer

Andrea Meyer

Executive Director, Center for Success Network

Read Andrea’s story

image of Felicia Vannostrand

Felicia Vannostrand

Founder of Nursing Detroit

Read Felicia’s story

image of Andrea Meyer

Kiesha Jackson

Chief Executive Officer, Caleb’s Kids

Kiesha’s story is coming soon

image of Al McCarver

Al McCarver

I want to grow old and still have a connection with the Durfee Innovation Society”

Read Al’s Story

image of KeVon


“I love the DIS”

Read Ke’Von’s Story

image of Ted Everingham

Ted Everingham

“Thank you brother”

Read Ted’s Story

image of Don Moore

Don Moore

“Everyone that walks through the door (of The BMO Program) is a success story.”

Read Don’s Story

image of Jake Williams

Jake Williams

“I get to fix a lot of broken stuff!”

Read Jake’s Story

image of Caleb


“I gave my dollar to Durfee to help it expand”

Caleb’s story is coming soon


Driven by her desire to give back to her community (and at the encouragement of her grandmother), Sara started volunteering with Life Remodeled in July of 2020.

Read Sara’s Story

Image of Jaren Bell

Jaren Bell

Detroit has been viewed through many lenses. And, good or bad, the image seen is a matter of perspective.

For Jaren Bell, a lens brought everything into focus — literally.

Read Jaren’s Story

image of Principal LaToyia Webb

Principal LaToyia Webb

“I am from Detroit. I started my career with Detroit, and I will retire from Detroit. This is my home.”

It’s this sense of fierce loyalty that led LaToyia to the Central-Durfee K–12 Campus, where she serves as Principal.

Read LaToyia’s Story

image of Teresa Singleton

Teresa Singleton

Most people don’t make a habit of running toward danger.

For Teresa Singleton, when a friend suggested she join the Detroit Fire Department, her response was blunt…

Read Teresa’s Story

Image of Coach Jimmie Macon

Coach Jimmie Macon

Football is, of course, a game of inches.

For Coach Jimmie Macon of Detroit Central High School, those aren’t the only numbers he thinks about.

Read Coach’s Story

image of Andre McCullough

Andre McCullough

There’s a fine line between skeptical and cynical.

For Andre, when a do-gooder moved into his neighborhood, he drew that line a bit more distinctly.

Read Andre’s Story

image of Charles


If there is one thing a global pandemic can reveal, it’s how important our health is.

For Charles, the health of his community is equally important — and he feels a responsibility to take care of it.

Read Charles’ Story

image of Annette Lotharp

Annette Lotharp

It’s been said that space is the final frontier for those looking to boldly go where no man has gone before.

In this case, it’s technically a woman (and her husband). And though Annette Lotharp has arguably gone where no one has gone before, it was a bit closer to home.

Read Annette’s Story

image of Teresa Clarington

Teresa Clarington

For its residents, the riots that changed the physical and emotional landscape of Detroit in 1967 hit close to home.

For then 11-year-old Teresa Clarington, they hit really close to her childhood home in Boston-Edison.

Read Teresa’s Story

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