Historically, nonprofits have done a great job publicly recognizing and celebrating their largest financial donors. Company logos are easily visible on websites, brochures, and other marketing materials; however, while we all know financial support is imperative for impact, there are other individuals whose contributions to our missions are priceless.

There are many community members, students, and volunteers who may not have donated enough dollars to make our donor wall, but their impact is just as valuable. Therefore, through this campaign, we’re spotlighting 10 of the most inspirational individuals who have had an unmatched impact on the success of our Life Remodeled projects.

We’ll be releasing new stories throughout the year highlighting these amazing individuals, and you also might spot them featured on billboards all throughout the metro-Detroit area! We’re grateful for their contributions and belief in Life Remodeled’s mission and projects, and we are so excited to share these new, incredible story with you!

Jake Williams
Durfee Innovation Society Maintenance Technician

“I get to fix a lot of broken stuff”

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More than just our Life Remodeled team has found the stories of our honorees to be newsworthy! Check out the various news stories below highlighting the campaign and the community members who have been critical to the success of Life Remodeled and the Durfee Innovation Society!