Durfee Innovation Society Student Participant

“I LOVE the DIS” 

Ke’Von looks forward to spending time at the Durfee Innovation Society every day. He attends school just next door to the DIS and often walks over with friends to attend his favorite after-school programs such as robotics, violin, lacrosse, mentoring, and tutoring. Ke’Von’s grandmother and Durfee community member, Ms. Deborah Nobles, has enrolled him in various programs, stating, “After virtual schooling for so long (during the pandemic) and not being able to be with his friends, the DIS has given Ke’Von his joy of life back.”

Through DIS afterschool programs, Ke’Von has developed a special love for robotics and has received multiple awards for his efforts. He is also excelling in school, receiving certificates of achievement in the areas of math, social studies, language arts, speech and attendance.

Visit the video below to hear more about Ke’Von’s love for learning and the DIS.

Lean on We billboard art with participants Lean on We billboard art with participants Samaya and Ke’Von.

Historically, nonprofits have done a great job publicly recognizing and celebrating their largest financial donors. Company logos are easily visible on websites, brochures, and other marketing materials; however, while we all know financial support is imperative for impact, there are other individuals whose contributions to our missions are priceless.

There are many community members, students, and volunteers who may not have donated enough dollars to make our donor wall, but their impact is just as valuable. Therefore, through this campaign, we’re spotlighting 10 of the most inspirational individuals who have had an unmatched impact on the success of our Life Remodeled projects.