2020 Six Day Project Recap

In response to COVID-19, we had to change the way we organized our 2020 Six Day Project.

This year, we were able to mobilize 2,021 awesome volunteers to remove blight on 71 blocks, make improvements to the Durfee Innovation Society and revitalize a broken-down playscape! 99% of our volunteers said our pandemic safety measures helped them feel safe from COVID-19 while volunteering. During a time in our country’s history when we are experiencing extreme polarization, 99% of our volunteers also said they felt a greater sense of connectedness with others during the project.

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Health and Safety

Below are the measures we took to keep our volunteers safe and healthy during the Six Day Project:

  • Volunteers were distanced at least 10 feet at all times.
  • All tools were pre-sanitized before use.
  • Volunteers drove their own vehicles to the project site.
  • Each volunteer team worked on one block, and one block only. Blocks were limited to 10-30 individuals per block, to keep volunteers spread apart.
  • No tool swapping/sharing was permitted.
  • Volunteers were required to bring their own masks, gloves and water.

In the past, Life Remodeled made only one year investments into neighborhoods. However, in 2017, we committed to investing three to five years per community as we move forward. We will remain focused exclusively on the Durfee/Central community until September 2021. After that, we will begin investing in another Detroit neighborhood, but we will continue to lead the Durfee Innovation Society indefinitely.

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