Don Moore

Founder and Executive Director of Better Men Outreach Program (BMO)

Everyone that walks through the door (of The BMO Program) is a success story.”

Don Moore, Executive Director / Co-Founder of the Better Men Outreach (BMO) Program has mentored young men in Detroit for over 13 years. A Detroit native and graduate of the historic Marygrove College, Don explains that the BMO program is something he wished he had growing up. Don and cofounder, Issac Nazoma, created BMO as a result of witnessing the needs in their own community, and they made a choice to be a part of the solution rather than complain about the problem.

BMO teaches young men (and women) positive self-expression, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. Don uses a method he calls “fixed mindset into growth mindset,” teaching participants the critical skills needed to help shift a (sometimes) self-destructive mindset to one of positivity, aspiration, and growth. In addition to many other resources, BMO provides work placement for young men, legal services, and human service resources for those experiencing insecurities. To discover more about The Better Men Outreach Program, see:

Lean on We billboard art with participants Don Moore, Ted Everingham, and Jake Williams.

Historically, nonprofits have done a great job publicly recognizing and celebrating their largest financial donors. Company logos are easily visible on websites, brochures, and other marketing materials; however, while we all know financial support is imperative for impact, there are other individuals whose contributions to our missions are priceless.

There are many community members, students, and volunteers who may not have donated enough dollars to make our donor wall, but their impact is just as valuable. Therefore, through this campaign, we’re spotlighting 10 of the most inspirational individuals who have had an unmatched impact on the success of our Life Remodeled projects.