Afraid of Detroit

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Dear Team Life Remodeled,

Do you know anyone who is afraid of Detroit? I mean afraid as in spending more than a few hours to attend a Lions, Tigers or Red Wings game in the city?

My wife, Andrea, is brave enough to admit that for many years she was too scared to move back to the city we now call home. At the age of two, she emigrated from Romania to the streets of Detroit, and lived in the city until her family was able to save enough money to move to the suburbs seven years later.

While living in Detroit, Andrea and her relatives experienced a number of difficult situations that left unpleasant memories. However, her love for Detroiters has overcome her fear, and we are grateful to be fully immersed in the joys and struggles ofour city.

As much as we love all people who live in the D, our passion for suburbanites is just as strong. That’s why the mission of Life Remodeled is “remodeling lives,” and not “remodeling Detroit.” Everyone needs life remodeling, and one of the best ways to grow is by serving others outside your comfort zone.

It hurts my heart that many people miss the opportunity to experience serving with Life Remodeled because they are afraid to volunteer in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

You likely know someone who fits this description. Will you share this with them?

Safety and security are high priorities for Life Remodeled. We have never experienced a violent crime during any Life Remodeled project.

If you do reach out, can you shoot me an email to let me know how the conversation went? My hope is that you will invite the people you approach to serve alongside you during the week of our project in Denby, August 1 – 6.

If you haven’t done so already, please register today!

Chris Lambert
Life Remodeled CEO