Detroit Public Schools

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Dear Life Remodeled Partners and Team Members,

Many of you have read or seen media coverage of the teacher sick-out at 64 Detroit Public Schools over deplorable work conditions. Life Remodeled was tangentially included in some of the coverage, possibly leaving some with the impression that the great work accomplished at Cody and Osborn high schools in 2014 and 2015 somehow “fell short.”

At Cody in 2014, our renovations included a new football field, Medical Simulation Lab, STEM Lab, Leadership Lab, Home Economics Room, minor roof repairs and entryway landscaping. Last summer in Osborn, our partners and volunteers remodeled the gym, library, cafeteria, main office, weight room, college room, teacher debriefing room, parent resource room, math room, courtyard and entryway landscaping. Approximately 65 percent of the building was re-roofed and all roof leaks were repaired in 2015.

Those who volunteered in these projects and those of you who supported them financially and in prayer understand that the scope of work for Cody and Osborn contained far less than everything these schools needed. We made a radical impact: improving safety, health, educational opportunities and hope for a better future. But much work remained when we were done.

The challenges teachers and students face in Detroit are gargantuan and have been devastating to the city for many years. I am personally grateful that last month Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan asked Detroit’s building and health departments to begin immediate inspections of all Detroit public schools. Shining light on these issues will hopefully lead to positive changes as more people become engaged in the work of making conditions better for our teachers and students to do their best work.

In response to this media coverage, Life Remodeled partners have stepped up and offered free roofing inspections on all Detroit public schools, free consulting and free emergency repairs. Other partners are stepping forward to assure their contributions are intact and are offering additional support as needed.

In the words of Martin Luther King, referencing the teachings of Jesus, “We must combine the toughness of the serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart.” Our region needed to hear what was reported last week, while at the same time we must continue to fight to make real the genuine hope that abounds amid significant need for Detroit schoolchildren. Your commitment and generosity are visible affirmations of that hope!

Passionate about the Future of Detroit,

Chris Lambert | CEO |
Life Remodeled