Do You Remember?

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Dear Team Life Remodeled,

Since the first year Life Remodeled was founded, we have always made big plans and taken big actions long before the resources came.  Do you remember the $1.2 million synthetic football field we built for Cody High School in 2014?  Because they didn’t have one, they were forced to play every single game away for six straight seasons… including homecoming!

During the fundraising campaign, we arrived at a point where we had to decide whether to build the field or not. On the very day I signed the contract to proceed, we were way short. When I say short, I mean that if we rounded up every single penny, we were more than $300k in the red. 

So we took a risk and dug the hole in the field. Shortly after beginning the work, we completed our annual Six Day Project. On the day after the project, a husband and wife (whom I had never met before) came to tour the Medical Simulation Lab, STEM Lab, and other renovations we had finished at Cody.  It’s important to note they also planned to make a $30,000 donation.

However, something unexpected happened.  They learned we were still $300,000 short and that whomever gave the full amount would get the naming rights to the football field. A few seconds later Mr. and Mrs. Walrich took out their checkbook and decided they would name it “Hope Field.”

The Walrichs are very generous philanthropists, but this is the largest one-time gift they’ve ever made. They’ll tell you there is one simple reason they decided to add an extra zero to their original plan… “God asked them to.”

It seems to happen somewhat like this every year. We get the vision before we get the resources… but the resources always come through generous people like you!

This time we are tackling a much larger project. We’ve leased a gorgeous former school building for $1 a year, and we’re turning it into a Community Innovation Center.  We have already raised more than $1 million through in-kind donations from local contractors and material suppliers, but we need some serious cash.

From now through December, I will be offering you several opportunities to contribute (even as little as $10).

However, if you are someone with ample means, you might be interested in doing more. Maybe a lot more?!  If you might be one of the many donors we need, can you please give me a call today to discuss what might be stirring in your heart? 313-949-3261

We’ve gotten to where we are today because of relationships. Even the story I just shared above is a perfect example, as Mr. and Mrs. Walrich discovered us through someone else. If you think there may be someone in your life who would be interested in the work of Life Remodeled, that introduction could make a big difference.

Lastly, will you spend a few minutes praying about how much money you might be inspired to donate to Life Remodeled this year?

Praying for YOU!

Chris Lambert | CEO | Life Remodeled