Sandra Turner-Handy

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Welcome to Faces of Life Remodeled, a weekly look at the people behind and in front of Life Remodeled’s efforts to transform lives… one neighborhood at a time. Let’s hear first from Sandra Turner-Handy of the Denby Neighborhood Alliance

Having had the chance to work with Denby High School students over the last three years, I have learned a lot about their experiences growing up in the community and the city. The capstone projects they create as a part of graduating reflect their struggles and lack of opportunity. Reading some of the cautionary words students wrote as the capstone program was getting started told me how much work I had ahead as a mother and 21-year Denby resident. It was important to listen and help students realize they have the ability to change their community for the better. And they already are. It was their efforts that got adults to form the Denby Neighborhood Alliance. It was students who organized a 16-block clean up that included boarding up 11 vacant houses facing the school. So while I am eager to partner with Life Remodeled in Denby this summer, my greatest concern is what happens on the seventh day – the day after the six-day Life Remodeled project. Will Denby sustain the effort? We can and we must.