Kate Hopper

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Kate Hopper knew only a little about Life Remodeled before meeting its charismatic leader, Chris Lambert, during a photography session about a year ago. Chris had been suggested as a subject for one of Kate’s GMRENCEN Selfie print ads promoting the Renaissance Center.
“He came to the shoot and his story was so inspiring,” Kate recalled. “I just wanted to take it to the next level personally.”
And how.
Kate visited Osborn High School during Project Week to drop off a copy of the Crain’s Detroit Business issue with Chris’ photo on the back cover. While there, she noticed the vibrancy of what was going on around her.
“I got online and signed up immediately. My husband and I went that Saturday and we just met incredible people. I met the college placement counselor. Her stories were so personal… we have so much in common with each other. That’s what is unique about Life Remodeled. There is divine inspiration behind it.”
Kate is sure God is behind what happened next. She unintentionally met Lambert in the RenCen Wintergarden this spring when Mark Thibault, a close friend from Grosse Pointe, happened by. Thibault, who previously volunteered with Life Remodeled, agreed to help Kate mobilize Pointes’ residents into volunteering next month. It is one of seven suburban “Stands with Detroit” efforts that started in Northville.
For Kate, who says she hasn’t been able to stop talking about Life Remodeled, it’s all about communication – yard signs, flyers and restaurant sign-up promotions aimed at seeing her neighbors and others among an expected 10,000 volunteers in Denby August 1-6.
“I was watching the ‘Life in Osborn’ documentary the other day, and I came to part where Chris says “God will raise Detroit out of the ashes.’” That just stopped me in my tracks.”