Next Level Nonprofit book is now available!

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Next Level Nonprofit book is now available!

Are you looking for practical guidance and next steps to help you achieve your nonprofit mission?

Big hearts and bold vision aren’t enough: Nonprofit leaders need an easy-to-implement, practical, and proven method to do more good by operating at the highest levels of organizational excellence.

In Next Level Nonprofit, Dr. Chris Lambert expertly guides nonprofit leaders, founders, and managers through the proven steps to build team unity, communicate a compelling vision, establish the right strategy, and grow through disciplined execution. He shares not only theoretical but also experiential wisdom gained in the trenches as he founded and now leads an award-winning Detroit-based nonprofit. Both his time-tested methods and his upbeat posture instill confidence that you, too, can build a dream team and increase lasting impact.

From comprehensive assessments that help you identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth to practical tools you can implement starting today, this book helps you forge a path to where you want to be, empowering you to create the nonprofit you envision–and the nonprofit our world needs.

Next Level Nonprofit will show you how to:

  • Discern if you have the right people in the right seats
  • Recruit and retain top talent
  • Build a united, purpose-driven team
  • Run the most engaging weekly leadership team meetings you’ve ever experienced
  • Make better decisions through shared ownership
  • Create a two-page strategic plan staff and supporters will rally behind
  • And build a structure for dramatically increased, sustainable impact.

To learn more and position your nonprofit to achieve next-level impact, get a copy now!