Northville Stands with Detroit

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Dear Team Life Remodeled,

I want to take a minute to pass on an inspirational story. As you know, our mission is “Remodeling Lives… One Neighborhood at a Time,” and we focus on the city of Detroit.

We are incredibly passionate about the kids and adults who live in the city, and we are committed to shaping the future of Detroit! However, Life Remodeled is about remodeling the lives of everyone who joins our mission – city, suburb, anywhere.

Let me introduce you to Michele Kelly, who has stepped away from her law practice as a divorce attorney. Last summer she said to me, “I’ve been part of the process of lives being torn apart… but now I’m committed to help remodel lives!”

Michele is on a mission to recruit the entire city of Northville to partner with Life Remodeled in Denby this summer.

Check out her story at the link below.


Chris Lambert
Life Remodeled CEO