Not What They Expected

1.4 min readBy Published On: December 19th, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

I am thankful that most people I work with are passionate about the future of Detroit. However, I have love for the naysayers out there too! Most critics champion the same idea: “After Life Remodeled moves on to the next neighborhood, everything will go back to the way it was before they got there.”

In essence, it’s not worth the investment because nothing will change.

I am pleased to report that the facts just don’t bear that out, nor does the buzz that continues to grow in and around the Cody and Osborn communities.

According to research compiled by Wayne State University, crime is down in the neighborhood surrounding Cody in ten of eleven types of crimes over last year, including a 47% reduction in homicides, a 21% reduction in sexual assaults, and a 19% reduction in both aggravated assaults and burglary. This reduction in crime is inversely proportional to the increase in optimism that you can sense in the hallways of Cody and in the community meetings surrounding it. Long-time and new partners are working together with a fresh bounce in their steps.

Change like this does not come from a one-week project. It comes from great people and organizations working together for years to see results. But those results are coming, and part of the reason is the work you have done in completing a school and community makeover to infuse their work with new life and hope.

As you consider your year-end giving this year, please know that we need your support to increase our efforts at Denby next year. And know that you will make a lasting impact with your gift. To make your year-end contribution, click here.


Chris Lambert | CEO |
Life Remodeled