Seasons of Life Remodeled

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Last week we received the largest donation so far in 2016, and I want to share my excitement with you. First, a little context is needed.

In Michigan, we joke about having four distinct seasons. Sometimes we have two or more in the space of a few days. At Life Remodeled, we really do have four seasons.

  • September – December: Season of New Love. Much time is spent learning the strengths and needs of our new partner neighborhood. Relationships develop over food and fellowship, and bonds are forged. Project strategy becomes solidified.
  • January – April: Season of Desert Wandering. Vision casting. Door knocking. Fundraising. Inviting new partners. We don’t know where the volunteers, professional labor, materials, and money are going to come from.
  • May – July: Season of Breakthrough. Commitments are made. Donations flow. Construction begins.
  • August: Season of Celebration! The Six-Day Project (Aug 1 – 6). Volunteers complete tasks. New stakeholders make long-term commitments to the community.

Realizing we are in our most-challenging season, you’ll understand why I am so excited that we just received the kind of gift that usually doesn’t come until the Season of Breakthrough. Among our projects in Denby, we are building a $1.5 million park designed by Denby High School students next to their school.

As you know, I am a man of faith. I personally believe God deserves the ultimate credit for anything good that happens through Life Remodeled. So, I believe He will deliver the amenities for this dream park.

One huge piece of the park – and a big faith challenge for me – was a Performance Pavilion. The design for this wasn’t solidified until last week. Our estimator calculated its value at half a million dollars. And we didn’t have any leads on resources.

Then last week, Denby High graduate Russ DiBartolomeo, owner of Coverworx, a Warren-based metal structure provider, committed to provide the entire steel structure and install it.

Like that taste of spring we experienced last weekend after two plus weeks of a cold, wet April, it sure feels good.

We’re not all the way home on the Performance Pavilion. We need an earth mover and concrete… a lot of concrete. Who do you know who might be willing to donate these services?

Thank you for your support of Life Remodeled.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we head into our Season of Breakthrough,
Chris Lambert | CEO |
Life Remodeled