The 10 Minute Leader

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Dear Team Life Remodeled,

Every summer we mobilize at least 10,000 people to clean up 300 city blocks in just six days.  Volunteers continually say how astonished they are at the organization of their volunteer experience. When we explain that their leaders are also volunteers who received a single brief training session, they are even more amazed.

Imagine launching a new restaurant with a packed house on opening night, and your servers and cooks received just a 10-minute training on their mission and procedures?

That’s what Life Remodeled pulls it off every year… and I think there are two reasons why:

1. God is still doing modern-day miracles.
2. See the first reason.

If I had to come up with a third reason, I’d say we are blessed with some really passionate, super smart people who love to rise to the challenge!

This year, we’re preparing for at least 12,000 volunteers (July 31 – August 5) and that means we need more Red ShirtLeaders than ever.  We’ve created our best training experience yet in this training video.  And you guessed it, it is 10 minutes in length.

If you’re committed to serve by leading, please check the “I want to be a leader!” box (coming soon) when you complete your online registration for this summer.

Grateful for Your Support,

Chris Lambert |CEO|
Life Remodeled