Universal Prejudice

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Dear Life Remodeled Family,

A few months ago, I participated in a two-day race relations exercise with executive leaders from dozens of local corporations.  Polarizing topics like race and prejudice personally energize me.  While the teaching did not shock me, some of the reactions I witnessed certainly did.

Tears, yelling, and insults were the last things I expected from this impressive group of high-power executives.  While everything ended amicably and most left better informed and more committed to cross-cultural unity, it raised a question for me.

“If this six-figure salary, highly educated group of MBAs, PhDs and CEOs struggle this much, how are ‘normal’ people supposed to talk about this stuff?”

I think every person on the planet possesses some elements of prejudice. But every day, we have an opportunity to give and receive more love than the day before.

From July 31 to August 5, Life Remodeled will mobilize more than 12,000 volunteers to remove blight on 300 city blocks.  Blight busting makes significant, sustainable impact in Detroit neighborhoods. But it is also an awesome opportunity for individuals from different races, religions, incomes, political persuasions and moral values to unite for the common good.

In the process, people are changed.  Last year 84 percent of urban and suburban volunteers surveyed said they developed a more positive view about Detroit and suburban volunteers working together.  And more than 75 percent said volunteering with Life Remodeled helped them become a better person.

Everyone’s life needs at least some remodeling. I know mine does. Sign up today to volunteer for a half day or more this summer In the Central area. See what happens.

Passionate about the Future of Detroit,

Chris Lambert |CEO|
Life Remodeled